Renegade - Graphene + Ceramic Essential Kit

Renegade Products Graphene + Ceramic Essential's kit contains our Alcohol Prep Spray, Graphene Spray Coating, Graphene Wash, Graphene wax, two premium plush microfiber towels & one chenille microfiber wash mitt! This is the first kit with graphene that was designed for car enthusiasts, truck enthusiasts and heavy duty vehicles in mind! These products are easy to use and results driven! We wanted to design a product that can be easily used and give unparalleled protection to your vehicle that skips the industry marketing gimmicks. While many spray coatings and waxes wear off after only one wash and a few weeks, ours lasts up to 1 year and over 12 washes! THese products will make it easier to clean your vehicle with routine washes and add gloss and depth that will leave your paint looking like candy.