Renegade - Grab-N-Go Mini Kit

The Cleaning Grab-N-Go Mini Kit is for the Renegade that brings the show with them wherever he or she goes.

Use Renegade Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic conditioner  to hydrate the plastic trim, dashboard, center console, and door panels. Our Renegade Savage All Purpose Cleaner is best for spot cleaning the interior of your vehicle (regardless of the type of upholstery). It also works to remove steering wheel build-up and dirt that collects in door panels and creases.

Renegade Spot Assassin is a safe, non-toxic and non-abrasive water spot remover that targets and eliminates tough water spots on any surface in seconds. Water Spots are normally due to the rich concentration of minerals in the water that takes place when the water dries, and our formula aims to neutralize and remove those deposits.

Renegade Red Metal Polish provides the ultimate show shine finish. Formulated with precision polishing grains, cleaning agents, and sealants, it will leave your aluminum and stainless steel bright, clean, and protected. Routine application will extend your finish and maintain protection.

Our famous Renegade Spray Wax is a water-based carnauba formula that quickly and effortlessly adds a residue-free layer of protection to your paint job, vinyl wrap, and wheels, while also helping to prevent water spots.