Evan's - Time 2 Shine Wheel & Tire Cleaner


The Time2Shine Wheel and Tire Cleaner is simply that. This wheel and tire cleaner is premixed and ready for use. This product is safe on polished wheels but we recommend letting the wheels cool down before washing. As always do not allow the product to dry onto the surface. No products should ever be allowed to dry. Adverse reactions can happen if allowed to dry.

The Wheel and Tire Cleaner can be used before the polishing process or during the washing process. For best results we recommend applying a liberal amount to the wheel or tire. Then after application aggitate on tires with a brush or on wheels with a microfiber wash mitt. Furthermore you can just spray on and wipe off with a microfiber if polishing the wheel with a grinder and buffs right after. The cleaner will leave the surface prep’d for polish.

16 oz bottle.