18" Chrome Flame Steering Wheel (Click for more colour options)


Price includes wheel, horn & hub adapter.


  • Backside finger indentation for a comfortable grip
  • Chrome spokes
  • Real wood grip
  • Painted wheels utilize a high quality automotive paint (sealed with urethane for endurance)


  • Diameter: 18" (13.75)
  • Dish Depth: Approx. 1.75"
  • 5 hole wheel bolt measurement (hole-to-hole): 1.6"

All Forever Sharp steering wheels are compatible with the following trucks:

Peterbilt:all models 1986 - 2013, 2013-present some modifications to the                          hub adapter may be required.  Inquire for details 

Kenworth: all models 1986 - 2013, trucks made in March 2001 please call                             for correct hub adapter.  2013-present some modifications to                              the hub adapter may be required.  Inquire for details

Freightliner: all models 1986-2006

International: all models 1986-present

Mack: all models 1950-present

Western Star: all models 1986-2012

Volvo: hub adapter is compatible with all 36 spline steering shafts


Please specify your truck's year and make at the time of ordering in order to receive the correct hub adapter required for installation.